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    A high flying middle aged business man, Joe is getting abit stressed at work and decides to take a break to a country cottage without the family and kids to have abit of personal time to relax.

    After booking the cottage for the weekend Joe travels up on the Friday and when he gets there is met by a farmer. The farmer enquires if Joe is the man from the city which he says he is. The farmer then shows Joe to his room which he will be stopping in. The farmer informs Joe that breakfast is at 8am every morning and dinner is a 6pm every night.

    Saturday morning Joe comes downstairs for breakfast where he is joined by the farmer, the farmers wife and the farmer 18 year old daughter. Whilst chatting JoE notices three holes on the wall with slots next to them. After a while Joe asks the farmer what they are for, "THERE FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU SIR, IF YOUR FEELING ABIT HORNY PUT YOUR **** IN THE FIRST HOLE AND £5 IN THE SLOT". Joe, abit taken back by this says nothing more and goes out for the day.

    That night Joe is feeling abit randy and with no wife around remembers what the farmer said and thinks 'what the hell'. So he goes downstairs and put his **** in the hole followed by £5 in the slot.

    The next morning Joe comes down for breakfast with a grin on his face to which the farmer says "YOU TRIED THE FIRST HOLE DIDNT YOU". Joe admits to this and when he asked what it was the farmer says "THAT WAS MY WIFE, BUT DONT WORRY, SHE LIKES THE EXTRA MONEY". The farmer tells Joe to try the 2nd hole and that it cost £10 but Joe dismisses this stright away.

    However, that night Joe is feeling abit horny again so goes downstairs, puts his **** in the 2nd hole and £10 into the slot. The next morning at breakfast Joe comes downstairs with a huge smile on his face. The farmer says "YOU TRIED THE SECOND HOLE DIDNT YOU" to which Joe said he did and asked what it was, the farmer replies "THAT WAS ME DAUGHTER, SHE LOVES IT, AND LOVES THE MONEY". Joe is quite shocked with this but before he has a chance to say anything the farmer tells him to try the 3rd hole but that it will cost £20.

    That night Joe is again feeling horney and decides that with it being his last night that he may aswell try the 3rd hole so goes downstairs, sticks his **** in and put £20 in the slot. The following morning Joe is late for breakfast but eventually comes stumbling downstairs. When he gets to the breakfast table he's as white as a ghost and slumps into his chair. The farmer says "YOU TRIED THE THIRD HOLE DIDNT YOU" to which Joe replied "YEAH, YEAH....BUT WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT" to which the farmer replied "THE MILKING MACHINE, DOESNT STOP UNTIL IT GETS 10 GALLON"!

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    Fpmsl Jay!!!!


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      Its the only joke i can remember from school