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  • Advertisement from this morning's paper....

    ....and one that you will probably NEVER see in a British newspaper. Thought you guys would get a kick out of this while scratching your heads trying to figure out our American society....

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    we cant buy a stanley knife without photo i.d, an iris scan and a dna sample over here mate


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      love it!!! haha it's crazy that you can buy guns from a supermarket


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        Remember seeing the Michael Moore Bowling for Columbine documentary about the Bank that was giving a rifle for every new account....

        He asked - what's to stop me robbing the bank with the gun you just gave me and they replied "We don't supply any bullets with the gun sir."

        So I guess their hoping someone didn't happen to bring their shells with them to the bank



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          only in America.

          "Give someone you love the best gift this year. The gift to be able to end someones life"


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            Originally posted by skot View Post
            The gift to be able to end someones life"
            Only the bad guys......


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              Remmie 870 wingmaster, was my favourite turnout weapon, loaded with Hatton rounds doors were history, then double O buck for the follow up.

              Had a Marlin 39A Golden Mountie as a rabbit plinker, those were the days.

              Now just crims can get the decent stuff.

              my VXR history: Arden Corsa, Astra Nurburgring, Corsa Arctic, Evoke VXR8, Black Corsa, Silver Vectra, a long weekend with an Insignia, a chilli burger and now a siggy tourer!