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House Robbing Scum

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  • House Robbing Scum

    Was woken up at 0145 by my dad saying we was being broken into,

    Three lads clad in the usual black Scum Scally clobber two trying to prize the patio door open, one keeping watch.

    My dad shouted out the window a few words along the lines of im going to catch you and kill you. And they made off followed very very quickly by my dad and me dressed and ready, we made after them in the car but Luckily and i really mean Luckily they got away.

    Turned out that my dad left the car open and they ransaced that to find noting, well the front door key witch they dropped in the back garden i can only assume they looked through the letter box and seen the dogs. They tried to prize the patio door open with some form of object, and one kept watch.

    Im unsure wether they was oppertunists after anything, Or if they fancied my astra or the SAAB we also have a Doge nitro. I think it was the car my self but i cant be sure.

    Message is be safe make sure everything islocked and safe and double check, thats sadly the world we live in.

    God help them if thy fancy there chances coming back again because this time we will be ready.

    This happened in the Melling Area of Liverpool

    Be Safe Guys
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    Not the best start to your day . Glad you're ok .
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    Gone but not forgotten .
    MPS takes the edge off though !


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      Ditto ^^^^^


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        sorry to hear mate and thanks for giving us the heads up. Melling, not far from the kirkby lot.


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          thats not good. should have let the dog loose on them.. glad your safe tho..

          scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate them!
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