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  • Warranty work

    About 1month ago i took my burg in to the dealers to get the manifold bolts replaced. now i also asked them to take a look at the seats because any one with a burg knos they sag quite badly. so any way the work was complete and i got the car back advising that the seats will be replaced they just need to wait for the parts to arrive. but if it happens agen then they cant replace them a 2nd time under warranty as thats just the way the leather is, so i said fair enough just wait for a phone call.

    3weeks later nother heard so i thought id ring them up to see whats goin on they said no problem Mr cochrane just bring it in we will give you a courtesy car, took the car in and over the 3weeks since it 1st went in i had noticed a few other problem with the car, an oil leek around the engine. horn didnt work with lights on, rear lights misted up, door card dnt fit properly and a rattle from the exhaust in low revs through acceleration. so i said whilst its in can you take a look at them, no problem they said.

    got the car back said they had sorted everything apart from the seats which doesnt come under warranty ( so why tell me they do and allow me to waste time off work to book it in) needed a new rocker gasket that sorted the leek and new seals in the rear lights, a new loom in the stiering colum, repositiond the exhaust, and new door clips. after a day the rattle came back so did the mist in the rear lights and then the day after i noticed the door card was poping up agen and to top it off my horn now turns my sterio up. aghhhh that was the last straw i have now taken my dissatisfaction up with vauxhall them selves got a complaint ref number so iv gota book it in and they will leaise with the dealership to make sure the work is carried out throughly.