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Zenvo ST1 1104 bhp and 1430Nm torque!!!!

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  • Zenvo ST1 1104 bhp and 1430Nm torque!!!!

    Performance figures
    Power 1104 bhp / 824 KW @ 6900 rpm
    Torque 1430 Nm / 1055 ft lbs @ 4500 rpm
    BHP/Liter 157 bhp / liter
    Power to weight 0.8 bhp / kg
    Top Speed 375 km/h / 233 mph
    0-60 mph 2.9 s

    Configuration 90؛ V 8
    Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
    Construction cast-aluminum block and head
    Displacement 7.011 liter / 427.8 cu in
    Bore / Stroke 104.8 mm (4.1 in) / 101.6 mm (4 in)
    Valvetrain 2 valves / cylinder, OHV
    Fuel feed Fuel Injection
    Aspiration Supercharger and Turbo

    Up until now all of Denmark's supercars were only available in kit form and sold exclusively at the better toystores. That is set to change as Zenvo Automotive is almost ready to unleash ST1 supercar. A quick glance at the proposed performance numbers will reveal that the Zenvo ST1 is not even remotely related to the famous Lego products.

    The Zenvo is the brainchild of Jesper Jensen and Troells Vollertsen; the company name is a combination of the men's names. Development began all the way back in 2004 and the word ambitious really does not cover the goals set. The first rough drawings were made in 2006 and it took another two years before the design was finalized.

    Responsible for achieving the the incredible performance numbers prospected is a General Motors sourced V8 engine. For the occasion it has been fitted not only with a supercharger but also with a turbocharger (hence the name). The complicated setup literally boosts the power to a staggering 1104 bhp and an even more impressive 1430 Nm of torque.

    The seven litre engine is mated to a Ricardo six speed gearbox similar to the one used in the Ford GT. The complete drivetrain is bolted into a steel subframe that also supports the rear double wishbone suspension. The similar front suspension is also mounted on a dedicated subframe. Hydraulic dampers are fitted all around and can lift the car up to 150 mm to navigate over speed-bumps.

    The core of the Zenvo is formed by a monocoque, which houses the passenger compartment and connects the front and rear subframes. The car is completed by a carbon fibre body that consists of no fewer than 69 pieces. Together they form an aggressive and angular design that works remarkably well. The many, well incorporated cooling vents and ducts give a good indication of the power that lurks underneath.

    By early 2008 the stunning engine first ran on the dyno and has since been extensively developed and tested. In the mean time the rest of the car was assembled and on May 22 the first test drive was held. Performance testing really got under way in October and the ST1 managed times close to the targets; 0-100 km/h in 3.0 seconds and a limited top speed of 375 km/h.

    At the time of writing the engineers at Zenvo Automotive are busy preparing for a limited run of just 15 examples. Production should commence in earnest during 2009, adding Denmark to the ever growing list of supercar manufacturers.

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      Originally posted by vxr bad boy View Post
      what he said!!!


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        mite have to trade in the vxr!!
        Create your own banner at!


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          That looks immense!

          Bet the price tag is just as jaw dropping


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            Still reckon with all the torque a 1.9CDTi might take it !!


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              yeh agree with bainie the torque does seem a little low, who's rolling road was that on


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                I read ST1 and thought you were on about a ford focus lol iFail!

                What an awsome car!!!! Guess the price competition and win free wax from marc i think lol


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                  And they are using VXR honeycomb grilles!


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                    Originally posted by taffyopel View Post
                    And they are using VXR honeycomb grilles!

                    bet someone sticks an ST1 badge on it as well !


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                      whats the price tag??
                      my build thread -