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Any one got a boat? where can I use mine??

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  • Any one got a boat? where can I use mine??

    Where can you use a boat without speed limits?

    We used to go to windermere but now it has a speed limit it's a bit point less it's to small to use on the sea is there any where near Lancashire (withing a couple hours drive) that I can use a boat????

    Anyone know???

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    Windermere has had limits for years, my 2nd last boat went there as it was slow and the guy needed something he could keep in the limits. Dont know of anywhere in the area these days without limits either,

    Not sure if we would be welcome either

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      Yer the speed limt must of been on there for about 5-6 years now.......... Thats how long it's been since our boat was used

      It seems now there is nowhere to use a boat on in-land water in the north


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        local river or dam?
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          LOL i know about just one speed limit in UK witch is 250 kts till 10.000 ft over UK LOL
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