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Number plates.

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  • Number plates.

    The number plates on my car are ****, drilled in the wrong places, no GB logo, crappy border around them, and annoyingly big advertisement of the original dealer at the bottom.

    I've seen a few sites where you can buy plates, has anyone used any good reliable cheap ones? I remember the days when you had to have a v5 and proof of id at halfords to get plates, now it seems to be you say you wont use them on a road and can get any plates made up!

    Anyway, i dont want fancy illegal ones, just a set of normal road legal ones, whats my best bet in terms of online? Card security and all that

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    Thinking of getting some legal ones from here myself:-

    Mine are drilled and the front has a crack in it so looking to replace and stick them on this time.
    ..:: Cheers, Stu ::..


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      You can get a cheap set off of ebay, plus paypal safety, and then you can either stick them on with sticky pads and have no holes or drill the holes wherever you want them.
      I've stuck my rear plate on to keep a clean look and then drilled the edge of the front plates to keep it flat as the front bends...