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What a week!!

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  • What a week!!

    Well what a week I've had....

    Day off on monday due to working shifts over last weekend.
    12 hour day shift on Tuesday due to being short staffed, on the way to work in VXR tuesday AM a steel carrying HGV flicked up a large unknown object which smashed the windscreen.

    Late shift Wednesday

    Trip with work to Swindon on Thursday...13.3 hours, so another long day.

    Late shift on Friday although up early to sort NU out over the windscreen, promised me it was authorised and I duely took the car in.
    Garage loaned me a courtesy car as NU woundn't as it wasn't an authorised dealership!!!!. (see post in the Vectra section)
    Well on the way home friday night, I think I wrote the coutesy car off as I locked the thing whilst trying to avoid a rather large fox that wanted to play chicken with me, didn't see the final damage as I was carted off to hospital in an ambulance due to a head injury. put the car (Corsa) off the road but it bounced back and was sat on the verge, young couple who stopped and looked after me, so my sincere thanks to them, the young lady told me the front of the car is okay, but the back is totally trashed, I know the rear hatch window and the offside rear were gone as I'm covered in tiny scratches from flying glass. Wife came and collected me from hospital late friday night, bashed head, bruised left hand and an aching body. Been told can't drive for 5 days!!!!

    So all in all a pooh week... :?

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    good thing is, your ok....thats the main thing...
    my build thread -


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      at least it werent your vxr that was trashed and like sandy say's your in 1 piece mate and living to tell us the story
      stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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        and i thought i was unlucky Bummer mate. Glad your okay.


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          Thanks people, if I had been the VXR i'd have probably stopped... :?


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            hi wayne

            take my advise.....never buy a bike...unless its got

            good 2 see u r ok though



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              Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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                Sorry to hear about the run of bad luck but at least your ok and no serious injury :wink:
                Keeping fingers crossed for ya that this is the last of it :wink:


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                  Hopefully this week is better for you