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Mel's having a mad idea....

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  • Mel's having a mad idea....

    Ok here it is people....

    I do 70 miles a day... the astra is rackin up miles like no tomorrow and even tho i drive steady the petrol costs are mounting up. Also with the puppy I'm worried about going on sunday morning walks down country paths and leaving it parked in the layby at the top. also the ripping of leather and hairs.

    I'm looking at possibly getting a small/micro small car to use to and from work. Also to drive the dog in pre walks and not worry too much about leaving it road side in the middle of nowhere!!

    It needs to be PETROL, ECO (40mpg or more) *Most of my work route is A1 so motorway, Cheap tax brand and less than 3-4 years old with max mileage around 30k. Budget is £3-4k. Only looking for a 1.0 or 1.2

    I know the lack of SPEED and ACCELERATION is gonna be awful but it is a money saving exercise it needs to be cheap to run and tax.

    Would like it to be a lil funky still tho.

    I'm thinking about a SMART FORTWO car £40 tax, eco and well cheap. Also kinda funky. Poss a brabus version.

    What's everyone's thoughts?

    Am I gonna save money but end up gonna wanting to sell it within a month due to lack of speed.

    Other thoughts are Yaris, Micra, C1 or C2, etc.

    PS it cant be red or a old shape corsa as I dont like them, had them on courtsey and the drive is horrible.

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    Second hand Chevrolet Matiz,I know a couple of people who have them and for some reason they love them
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      There is something about them I like.

      Still cant believe im contemplating a small car... I've never owned a 1.4 or below in my whole driving career.

      I have to be able to save some money not using the astra everyday and with that I can put it towards upgrades on the Astra or upgrading the astra to a monaro/holden/vxr8


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        kia picanto ????? :wink:


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          Originally posted by arden
          kia picanto ????? :wink:
          See i know you were jokin there :?


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            Would I be shunned forever if i got a f.o.r.d fessie??? what car rank them highly and there are uglier cars out there...

            that or a honda jazz get 5 outta 5 on whatcar.


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              VW Lupo deisel. The things do like 65mpg!!!!! and they come in a funky yellow colour


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                But diesels now cost more to tax also are noisy. I like lupo's but it would have to be petrol.


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                  Oh no.... while searchin autotrader look at this

                  They have modded a 1.0 Yaris


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                    Originally posted by VXR - xtc
                    But diesels now cost more to tax also are noisy. I like lupo's but it would have to be petrol.
                    Get a petrol version then lol. They'll still probably do 45mpg. Interiors a bit crappy but they are well made and very relaible


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                      As long as it drives well i can cope with a dodgy interior.

                      I have low expectations for small low power cars so dont think i can get too disappointed...

                      Just done a quote Fully comp on a Aygo... £129.96 a year Now your talking


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                        Have you though about a motorbike?


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                          Originally posted by BO55 VXR
                          Have you though about a motorbike?
                          Yes but only good in the summer. Also cant take dog anywhere in it. Also I do shopping at lunch so need space.

                          To top it all Baz has banned me from owning a bike.... I however REALLY WANT ONE. Sumthing to do with it being unsafe and me


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                            Heres a happy medium for you.

                            I use it in all weather, just wrap up. Also strapped a bag to the seat and the dog has had a run on it


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                              Now your talking

                              However A1 driving in a suit for work and meetings :?