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    Ladies and gentlemen last night i was luckily invited to the Monaro specialist in kent Greens of Holborough!!!!

    They had laid on food and had the nice surprise of the new vxrcorsa and vxr8...

    Nice to meet Brian the Monaro king and also Dougie aswell......

    So without much ado heres my photos from last night!!!!!!

    My initial thoughts on the vxr corsa were WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Such a small car from the outside but really spacious inside!!!!!

    The juxtaposition of colour and detail was first class!!!!

    Everything on the car was standard and i feel would need the 18,s to justify its position of best new small hot hatch compared to the competion but with these on board i cant see anything coming close!!!!

    The only car i can see troubling it would be the clio but then the trim detail and build quality are not up to the corsa having viewed both.....

    I read in the motoring press that Vauxhall are the new Volkswagen and overtaking and i can see why as the Marketing team and design team are really making the silver griffin a force to be reckoned with!!!

    Attention to detail was nice on the corsa and i thought the driving position was also very good!!!

    The corsa to me will sell buckets of arden blues and blacks simply because the way the car has been designed. Its sweeping curves guide you to points on the car like the silver surrounds of the front indicators and front fog lights and Vauxhall seem to have done away with some of the angular features that previous cars have had....

    All in all top quality and a real pocket rocket!!!



    What can i say about this car...

    MUSCLE............TESTOSTERONE..............BHP... .....ENOUGH SAID !!!

    I must admit as you can understand i spent most of the night looking at this......

    I really liked the shape of this car ............

    My initial thought were GTR!!!!

    It seems to have been designed along the lines that all new breeds of high powered top end cars are .....

    Nice angles , sharp contours , massive divides between features like the rear lights....they seem to be miles apart if that makes sense giving an overwhelming presence of muscle and power and width...

    I really liked the neat touches of the rear mesh surrounding the twin exhausts and the rear lights are the best ive seen on any car!!!!!

    If i could criticise this car and i feel i should be honest and frank i would say my first mod would be a lowering kit as i feel that the car could do with a drop of between 20 and 30 mm as it doesnt fit the arches as much as i would have liked! This may be to do with 20" wheels im not sure but im sure someone will post the technical bits and bobs!!!

    Lastly i never liked the Monaro in red but this vxr8 suits red like a cherry on a trifle highlighting the nice vxr8 features in black!!!

    All in all this is a fantastic car and im sure will have a massive following!!!
    Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail

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    Nice photos Marc, i like the Corsa but i must admit im not blown away by the vxr8, i did expect a bit of a more aggressive look.


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      Ive only just noticed that the corsa wheels are almost identical to the Focus ST :? :? :?


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        Originally posted by m4rtc
        Ive only just noticed that the corsa wheels are almost identical to the Focus ST :? :? :?
        They are the standard wheels not optional 18,s!!!
        Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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          Nice pics Marc

          Both cars look the business.
          My VXR from Start to Finish

          Gone but not forgotten - one of the original crew


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            Why do VX always launch in RED???????

            I'm in love with the VXR8... cept it would have to be another colour than red.


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              official colours of Vxl