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  • Meriva VXR's

    Well I thought I should post up my comments on the Meriva VXR, having now experienced what it is like to be in and drive.

    On Saturday before Brands I went out with Sparky in his little Meriva for a test drive. Started with Mark driving and I thought it would be a nice sedate introduction I was wrong.

    Got onto one of the back roads and having just pottled round, quite 'sensible' and sedate, he slammed the foot to the floor and this little demon suddenly appeared and launched itself down the road. The acceleration and feel just defy what you think it will do. Moving rapidly through the gears, no braking required in the corners , this thing just kept moving and accelerating. The entire time I was laughing as it was just mental, there is no other reaction than to laugh when this thing gets going.

    Approaching the end of the road it was time to actually use the brakes, and all I can say is they really won't need upgraded because by god do they stop. A few more runs down the road, with myself still rather stunned and in shock, I took to the drivers seat.

    At first it feels nice and comfy, bit strange as it's an elevated seating position but overall good. Pedals are nice and easy to use, very similar in feel to my corsa's pedals (no effort required to use them so very easy to live with). Gearbox is smooth and light, but with a good top to grip onto. So I get myself seated and pull off - albeit a little jerkyful at first.

    This is a remarkable car to drive as it is just so unassuming. Drive around doing 2.5/3K revs and it's fine, the slam the foot to the floor and full overboost is given as it off it goes. I had total confidence in corners, the grip was very evident and most surprising felt like it had less body roll than my astra but it's a bus

    Very comfortable, interior is certainly nice, plus with it being a meriva is has the whole practical side to it.

    If you can get a test drive in one of these as they are such a hoot. Personally I think I have been swayed, and when the time comes to change my Corsa, it will be a VXR but will have to be one of these

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    yeh i saw 1 on sunday for the first time and i think they look great considering either that or the zaf maybe later on in the year
    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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      Highly recommend a test drive in one of these mate. It's a brilliant car and really does cover all aspects needed from a bus without being quite so big - plus I'll guarentee you'll have a huuuuuggggeee smile cos it's such a hoot to drive


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        nice little review there Alex.......... got to say your 100% right!!!


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          Thanks Barney, just thought the little devil deserved a little more attention :wink:


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            Originally posted by AlexFi
            Thanks Barney, just thought the little devil deserved a little more attention :wink:

            I'll second your review AlexFi. Havin just had mine for only 5 days now I am begining to appreciate the views posted by other Meriva owners. Thats why I bought it :wink:
            The 2 main points that really stand out for me are;

            The Gearbox - Quite simply brilliant. Has a really good feel about it and is assured in all changes with the ratios agile and obtainable with the minimum of fuss.

            Looks & Handling - I get the impression from most of 'Joe Public' I pass they assume this car is just a limited editon paint job on a normal Meriva.
            Well this is great as it it keeps an air of mystery about the car and what really lies beneath it - Very Svelte ......And the handling well lets just say imagine a go -kart with a bar stool for a seat. Fantastic


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              Thing that got me was the handling, you'd think for a little bus you'd get roll in the corners and you don't . It sticks like glue to the road....


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                Thanks for ur comments Alex.... \/


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                  Drove in a Meriva OPC for one time. You're correct - it's awsome.

                  The only thing I don't like on the Mervia OPC/VXR is the interior.