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vxrmarc pi$$take again!!!!

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  • vxrmarc pi$$take again!!!!

    Seeing as i am such a good sport someone else in this little universe has decided to take the pi$$ again and it made me laugh...

    So from some forum that time forgot.....enjoy...

    This morning it had been arranged for me to travel down to dorset to detail this cup with tea, the owner use's this cup at weekends as a bit of a garden table toy.

    Arrived at 7am

    First i filled the kettle with 0ppm RO water, while the kettle was boiling i concentrated on the teapot device in which i'd carry out all my mixing, i used the one teapot method and warmed it up with a microwave.

    800w for 1min on full power, i just did the one pass, as the microwave is of the orbital variety

    With the kettle now fully boiled, i prepared the teapot with a spoon of loose tea, i use the full caffine stuff which i buy in bulk, you could try out some tea bags.

    Once the tea was applied to the internals of the teapot i then applied the boiling water straight from the kettle.

    I find it best to give the tea and water mixture a quick stir, this helps to start the reaction

    Leave both products in the pot while they infuse and create the dark brown colour we are looking for, its worth noting that this can be done in direct sunlight, but do not allow products to dry to a haze.

    Next i use a milk solution (semi-skimmed & pasteurised) i buy this in 5 gallon vats due to me being in the trade. I apply that directly to the base of cup, then immediatley apply the mixture from teapot, i strain mine as to avoid any swirling or contaminents in the cup

    Sugar is optional, this client requested i apply a teaspoon of sugar, which he supplied, he had bought it the year before but not yet had the time to try it out himself.


    this really doesn't do the cup justice, but the customer was over the moon and thought it was a new cup, due to it being empty before.

    I shall be going back early next month to detail his coffee mug and cereal bowl
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    Ah mate, these are quality - There really are some SAD people out there
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      excellent marc you should join these forum's and post up these as well that will give em something to talk about , you should do a detailing 1 on your dog
      stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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        yeah do one with your dog

        Yet again made me smile