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HELP! - What would you do?

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  • HELP! - What would you do?

    Need some help. I don't know what to do? :?
    Last week while I was away from my Astra VXR for 4 mins, some [email protected] clipped my car, damaged the outer edge of the rear n/s wheel arch and left before I got back.
    The damage is a dent 2" x 1" right on the top of the arch!
    My local dent man has said he won't promise that he can make it any more than 95% better, but it could be 100%.
    I have had 2 quotes from bodyshops, who both want around £450.

    Here's where I need your help!
    1. Dent man - the car will still have its original paintwork, but may still have a mark
    2. Bodyshop - Who want to take half the car apart and respray the whole rear quater


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    The dent man may be a good choice, just got mine back from the bodyshop this week. The door was a different colour to the rest of the car, so they painted the door and half of each wing blendind in to get a good colour match, which they did , but there is overspray all over the opposite side of the car and on the wheels and marks under the laquer, oh I am so happy


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      How much is the Dent Man going to charge ??

      If it was me I'd let the dent man have a go first as he can't really make it worse.

      If he does a good repair then jobs a good un, if not then you can still take it the bodyshop at a later date.


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        Dent Man wants £100 inc vat