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  • Airport parking

    Right this was from personal experience and I won't go into all the details and name names but the basic out ine.
    I needed to park my car at one of these airport car parks where you have to hand over the keys to an attendant for the period of parking. For some reason the question got asked whether the parking company had insurance to cover the car from theft. The answer back was "not for theft , but we have never had one stolen yet".
    Well you might say the insuarnance company will coer the theft. This actually is the not case for all insurance companies. Some are putting a clause in to say that if you hand the keys over voluntarily the comapny will not cover the theft. Now I am not saying all companies by any means work like this but I think it well worth a call to the insuarnce company and the parking company to check the status if the car was stolen. If any say yes we will cover the cost , may also be worth it in writing. No harm in asking the Q's. In my case I refused to hand over the keys as my insurance company would not cover the car if I handed over the keys and of course this did not please the parking company but err tuff don't have my business. How a company can say "never had one stolen yet" beats me, sounds like they didn't even think of it!!!

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    I quite agree... :wink:
    Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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      Also, bear in mind that there was that high profile media case a few months ago that a member of the car park staff took the car out a ragged the **** out of the car.....Not stolen, wasn't us guv....


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        Wasn't that the people working out of Gatwick, and they used an Astra Sporthatch with tracker to follow, remember it on watchdog and couldn't believe what they were up to