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Corsa vxr boost issue

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  • Corsa vxr boost issue

    Hi all I’m new so plz bare with me, I’m also new to a corsa vxr which has little gremlins, I’m really hoping that someone can help, basically has a misfire at about 2k up to 3k revs which is intermittent, just to clear up what I've done to try solve the issue, changed plugs, coilpack, maf, checked for boost leaks, replaced small hoses with silicone ones, had two different turbos on and still the same had both BCS changed as had some more, rear boost box changed as had another, had a boost gauge fitted this weekend and it’s idling at -0.6 bar and boosting to +0.6bar and dropping off back down to -0.6 bar straight away ive checked none return valves everything seems ok when I rev the engine on idle it seems to slow at reving and slows right down at 3k and goes again after 3k, might not be all related but thought I’d add everything its a good engine just a few little sniggles