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The German Plate Font

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  • The German Plate Font

    Why dont we use a similar font over here??

    From what I've read, the font (they use in Germany and other Part of europe) eradicates the ability for ppl to tamper with the appearance of the letter/numbers.

    E.g With our font you could easily make ’I’ and '3' look like a B 'I3' by pushing the two texts/numbers together.

    From what I've read this isnt possible with the font found on German plate (just wouldn’t look cool).

    Any ideas as to why it isnt used over here?

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    dont know exactly about germany, but think they use the same font like we on here, also think the system for plates shut be there same like on here, that you cant print out plate in any garage, you have to go to Police station where you have to fill all papers and just after that they give you your plate, once you are going with car (dont matter if you sell it or you are moving) to another city you have to give back your number plate and ask for new one (depend where is permanent address of owner) so any 02/52/03/53/09/59 plates, for exaple here is mine:
    is mean that all cars from Trencin (my city) will have on start of plate TN... (capital city Bratislava is starting with BA) that same is working in germany, as also that only cops can give you the plates (only one office in me town !!!!) not like in UK - that each shop can make you them so the cops are using just only one ! font & spacer

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      which is why european dealers use numberplate surrounds. (they dont make the plates, therefore cant put there names on them)