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  • Joke

    3 surgeons sitting and discussing their achievements during a break.

    American surgeon says i did a transplant on a patient and within a month he was looking for work.

    Thats nothing scoffs the surgeon from japan. I did a transplant on a patient and within 2 weeks he was looking for work.

    At this point the british surgeon starts laughing and says you two haven't achieved anything compared to me. I did a transplant on the a-hole at 10 downing street and now the whole country is looking for work.
    Oh My god Nissan what have you done? You haven't created a machine
    You just made a MONSTER!!!!

    Astra vxr 19's, cd70+cid+aux in, bluetooth, climate control, parking sensors. Retro fitted:- afls, headlamp washers, cruise control, check control, sight and light, folding mirrors, anti hi-jack, vx-racing edition full leathers, cid video interface, reversing camera