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Nail under tyre

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  • Nail under tyre

    Went to go out in the chuckle bus today and my little boy spotted a nail under the front wheel. Placed dead centre and standing up! How lucky was I?

    Thing is some turd must of put it there on purpose! You cant have anything in this world without someone wanting to ruin it. Does my head in.

    Sorry rant over!

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    unbelieveable m8 your lucky you saw son saw it get a camera set up so you can rag doll the f****r next time
    black Astra VXR 08 plate 1500miles may 09
    19" wheels, limo tints,10k HID main/ 6k dipped, 15led sidelights, full CCS retrim, insignia washer jets,cool running thermostat , intercoolers with larger powerpipe and tophat, percys airbox+ oil restrictor, scorpion full 3 inch turbo back exhaust and iridiums READY FOR STAGE 3 FIRST MAP EVER!


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      harsh, good spot.

      Rabbid Tuned - WG Motorworks


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        Did think about camera but going to garage it all the time now don't want to come back to it scratched up!


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          nice spot mate! I found a stick with 8 nails sticking up out of it olaced nder my works tyre... we *****
          Not yet a owner of a corsa vxr... Will be come march.. roll on cheap insurance!


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            Thats bad!! Good job your littlun spotted it!