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irelands lisbon treaty vote

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  • irelands lisbon treaty vote

    How come we don't get a vote? cos we have a t055er in power with no brains and now ireland look like voting yes weill they check in another year to make sure it's not gone back to no! w4nkers

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    To be perfectly honest I disagree with the second vote that we got, the people voted against the proposal the first time and essentally were told that we done it wrong and were sent back out with some "reassuarances". The amount of scare tactics used by the yes side was unreal, there were a lot of scared people of the opinion that a no vote would have gotten us chucked out of europe and feeling that the economy would have collapsed, not sure it can go much further than it currently is however thats a different topic for a different thread.

    Me personally, voted no twice and would do it a third time

    I do believe that all citizens should get a vote though