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Colin Macrae forrest stages 2009 Vid

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  • Colin Macrae forrest stages 2009 Vid

    Youtube Clip - Green MK2 at 2:26

    My friend Dougal Brown had been doing the Scottish Rally championship in his black 1600 Talbot Sunbeam up until the Scottish Rally in Dumfries when he hit a rock on stage 2 and ripped the front left wheel off and twisted the car beyond repair...

    Web Page Link - Previous Car Sunbeam

    So after recovering the car we sat and though of how we can get another car built in a month so after a lot of scratching we had the option of a re-shell as we knew of a sunbeam shell or a complete new project! Ambitious as it was a mark 2 escort full group four! So we set about it and sourced a shell which had almost all of the fabrication work done to it but its current state was sitting on axles stands in wash primer so we took this option.

    So after working night and day for exactly 4 weeks solid we managed to build the car and got it finished at 01:30 on the morning of the Speyside, it still had to be taxed and Mot and also MSA log booked. We managed to sort out an MOT but the road tax and log book were never going to happen there was no time so the rally was done (or started) with out either...

    After seeing the car flying round the hairpin in cooper park i thought it had a miss fire and text the driver and he felt it was plugs so we were going to get that when he cam into service but we got the dreaded call on the way to stage 2... The car started to over heat badly and was losing a lot of power then there was steam so it was game over...

    After recovering the car we found one of the coolant hoses had been rubbing against a jubilee clip and the hose had burst dumping the fluid so that was game over again but i was relieved he hadn’t made it to the woods as id spent hours and hours on the car and didn’t want it smashed on its first outing he was going to use this rally to get sued to the new car and get it set up but that never happened so he decided to throw the towel in on the championship and miss the Merrick to build the engine.

    So after getting the car back to the garage we stripped the engine down to find we had also dropped a valve and burnt out a piston (in fact put a hole right through it) so there must have been some heat build up and I suspect the hoses had been perished since it was in the sunbeam as we used the agra 1600 crossflow from the sunbeam...

    So we spent a month between the Speyside and this rally to rebuild the engine and get the car set up right and have it driving and handling as we wanted it and after many different set ups we found the one that was best...

    The video is a small clip of the car followed by a picture later on...

    The result speak for itself as on the cars first official outing fully working it scored 2nd place in class and 32nd over all on the rally!

    I’m going to get a build diary put together and post it up if I get time to one day for those who might be interested in this kind of stuff...

    Tah for looking comments welcome enjoy!

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    Link to some build Pics and me pretending to work
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