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General Pics from IFA Frankfurt 2009

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  • General Pics from IFA Frankfurt 2009

    So some Genreal Pics of the show and various new cars from the Fraknfurt motorshow.

    The new Jag (looks like a lacia at the back). Not a fan sorry.

    New Hyundai coupe

    New Opel/Vauxhall AMpera

    New BMW X1. Nice idea shame on the interior quality which is inferior to a VW Tiguan and the Ride height which is not MPV like. More like a pimped 3 series but with inferior interior quality. I like the sytling though

    Nice AutoUnion (Audi's old name and also when it was owned by Mercedes)

    Classic old school Merc with a twist!

    Modern mechanicals

    And the first car ever the Benz buggy

    So to give you an idea of the crowds, this is the Merc Stand on Saturday.

    The hall used by Merc would probably fit 1/2 of the British Motorshow stands on it. Total number of halls is 13 although not all were used (9 were though) so a bit smaller then 2007. Hey there is a recession on or so they keep telling us. No Honda, Nissian or Mitsubishi and there were a lot fewer aftermarket companies there. Total visitors just short of 2007 but I believe just under the 1 million mark. Best Stand Mercedes, next was VW group. Most pointless car of the show the new BMW 5 series GT (WTF where BMW thinking!).

    Overall a good show for me. My presentations (not to the public BTW but to corporate big wigs) went as expected (Yay, me done and dusted for the forseable future), and I had fun. One not so pleasent incident aside (bumping into the ex-Fiance (or more her being in one of my presentations sitting in the front row of all places! but still did not spoil my fun and enjoyment for the show or Frankfurt.
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