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Best way to sell a car still on finance

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  • Best way to sell a car still on finance

    hey guys does anyone no the best way to sell a car still on finance and how does it work with clearing the finance as i may have to sell the bus for defo this time while the prices are not bad books price is £9200

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    why ya selling?


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      cant afford the payments


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        oh riight!


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          You need to get a settlement figure ,and find out whether the finance is on the car or its done as a personnal loan(some finance companies finance the car but its classed as a personnal loan ) so you can sell the car and as long as you keep up the payments you bank the money


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            As above, Get a written settlement figure from your provider. Advertise your car with finance outstanding as if you dont mention it and they do a HPI check they may think you are hiding something.

            If they agree to purchase the car the best thing to do is for them to pay the finance settlement figure off with you there to do DPA and pay you cash for the remaining amount.

            Make sure you write a reciept and check with your finance company that the figure has been paid off before handing over the keys.

            Job Done

            Hope that helps.