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Who makes the best alloys?

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  • Who makes the best alloys?

    I'm about to seriously consider getting some alloys for my new Astra but before I do, I'd like to hear your opinion on the best ones to buy.
    At the moment, i'm going with Irmscher, but if you think differently (or even argree with me) please post your reasons

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    If you are looking for new alloys try an look around for a set where the wheel weighs less. Really avoid heavier alloys as this may upset the cars handling. There is a thread in the Astra section giving you some weights. Look at these and ensure you do not exceed the standard ones.
    Some of the MoMo weight more so beware. I know it does not help for a style but guess you are looking not to destroy the cars handling and grip.


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      Tell you who dont FOX they are so soft and have now got buckle in each wheel after a good seeing too stay away from them ,,,but my brother has just picke a set of TSW up they seem good quality.


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        Cheers for your help, I hadn't taken the cars handling into consideration. I heard a lot of good things about TSW.


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          TSW are good if you are on a budget. If however you have bundles of cash, get a set of WORK Emotions.....great wheel, light and low silicon and high magnesium, so they could be a tich soft, but they reduce your unsprung weight.