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  • New memeber ....

    Well just signed up to what looks like a great site .
    I own a VECTRA B ,but am in the middle of doing a Z20 LEL ( only engine i got hold of ) for a good price .
    Some of you may know me from and mig etc ...
    Hope to be of some help on here to you too ,as well as help to me in the following months of fitting this engine to my car ..
    Will be needing help with the wires ( cant seem to get hold of any for the Astra H yet ) and have a 6 speed box that wont fit in the vec off it .( 4K ) .
    So thats a quick thing about me ,and to say HI to you all .....!

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    Welcome to the site and looks like you have task on your hands. Good luck and any help just ask and people will help where they can.


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      Thanks for the reply ,getting lonley
      Will try to keep you guys in formed on how it goes , as said i have a few things for sale off the astra H ,( still new ) i know , but with a set of clocks with just 4k on them , well worth it to some one .
      Looking into using the F28 ( recon ) with a LSD diff too , then also changing the turbo now to the VRX one ,as it is out at the mo ...
      pending quicker than i can earn it ...


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        Well up date have the engine in now ,along with the f28 , as the astra box had top mounts and were too much hassle to make a fixing ...
        so looking at the turbo now ,to know if i want to get the VXR one now as it is off ready ..then set it all up ...still have to get a second fuel pipe .as for some reason unlike other cars , i only have one fuel pipe on my Vec return ..? but will get there ,no rush now as my spare car is running so i can take my time and get it right first time i hope ...