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Drop of oil on underside of turbo

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  • Drop of oil on underside of turbo

    Hi all, have any of you looked at the underside of your turbo's?
    I noticed a small amount of oil under there. Most that I have mentioned it to say it is normal with a modded exhaust as it doesn't offer as much back pressure and sucks on the seal thereby pulling a bit of oil out.
    Would appreciate it if you would look the next time you get under your cars. Thanks.

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    Only instance i've heard of this thus far is the turbo seales leaking due to the cars not being run in right. Being pushed too hard from new and not being given time to bed in.
    Should be able to have it looked at under warrenty.


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      I did some research on the matter in the meantime and it turns out that once the exhaust has been freeflowed (decat and full 63mm) the balance acting on the exhaust seal is upset a little. Normally the cat and std silencers create back pressure and the oil pressure in the core housing create pressure acting on the other side of the seal, thereby a balance keeps gas out and oil in.
      In my case the back pressure is no more, so the oil pressure pushes a drop out now and then. Nothing too serious since mine is not the only one and acording to the turbo experts as long as its just a drop and the turbo doesn't smoke (which it doesn't) then it is ok.