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Use of swear words.

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  • Use of swear words.

    Every time I go onto web sites and see swearing by forum users it really concerns me. I fully understand that some people may not be tolerant of others and are emotive of certain subjects but we all have our own opinions and others should respect that. Using inappropriate words to make a point really does not serve any purpose apart from aggravate the situation.
    What I do not want happening on this site is for the forum to end up like other sites. What we can do from a responsible bunch of forum users is to refrain from using swear words publicly. If you feel that strongly about a subject then just send a PM to those concerned and sort it out offline.
    Another point to consider will be that minors may look at this site and we cannot expect parental controls to always be in place.
    I am not trying to stop any debates what so ever, but just purely stop any inappropriate use of words.
    Please help to ensure this does not become an issue and repect other peoples opinions.