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My project Corsa, AKA Cecil

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  • My project Corsa, AKA Cecil

    I've got a progress thread going elsewhere for Cecil but thought some people on here may find it interesting..

    As i Bought him at the begining of February,

    A 10 year old 1.8 sri with awful wheels... I know 99% what he'll be like when i've finished all the work but I'm not telling!!

    Roughly two weeks later the interior looked like this.

    By the begining of March the interior looked like this.

    All the standard loom went in the bin and the standard heater assembly, aircon etc. I made a new loom front to back including ECU and Instrument wiring.

    I then modified the inlet manifold to take a mechanical throttle body.

    By the end of March the new wiring loom was finished and the instrument fitted

    By the begining of May he was up and running again on a standalone ECU, ABS was removed and he passed his MOT.

    By the middle of May and after hours of carefull drilling and grinding the inside looked like this with all the standard mounts removed.

    After another 10 or so hours of carefull measuring cutting and welding, thanks to my brother for the welding, a litle black paint to stop any rust forming and the interior looked like this..

    Then bolted these in

    I finally got bored of looking at the temporay mdf fuse box holder and switch panel which I made back in March/april so was forced to do a job i hate, making patterns, then moulds, then laying up carbon fibre... Not too shabby a result in my humble opinion..

    Then one Saturday not so long ago I decided to take the zafira calipers and meriva carriers that have been sitting under the bench for months along with the spigot adapters that I made...

    and fit them with a pair of 308mm discs

    One Saturday morning at the end of May I did this...

    Take one block of aluminium and one old steering wheel.

    Remove the hub from the wheel

    clean up the hub in the lathe.

    Machine your block of aluminium..

    and then macine it some more

    Then a little more untill it looks like this

    Fasten both pieces to the steering wheel that you have had sitting around for nearly 3 months

    add a little carbon fibre work and some buttons.

    and yes, they all have a function...

    This is how he stands at the moment

    Nothing much has changed on the outside since I purchased cecil but here's some shots anyway... (Yes I know he needs a wash)

    Aerial gone, no point keeping it when you have no radio! rear wiper gone and the SRi mirrors replaced with smaller lighter ones, over a kilo saved just in the mirrors.

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    ooooh this looks like a 1st place Thunder road contender

    Some fantastic work there Andrew, would be very interested to know more on the mapping Please keep this updated, looking forward to seeing the finished article. Well done


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      Mapping at this level was easy.. Before you rip the guts out of your car plug in an obd II logger and go for a drive, use as much throttle and rpm range as you can so you get a 3d graph of the ignition timing that looks something like this

      Because of the way the e-throttle is mapped you get a triangular graph so you have to fill the empty area based on experience.
      You then put some fueling numbers in to get the engine running and tune to the wideband which is permanently fitted. once you get the AFR numbers close put the ECU in closed loop and it takes care of itself. It's not been on a dyno but it passed it emissions at MOT and is more punchy than my brothers 1.8 corsa at the bottom end and has the same top end pull so I can't be that far out
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        Looking decent Andrew, I'll keep an eye on this.


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          Originally posted by VXR.Dan View Post
          Looking decent Andrew, I'll keep an eye on this.
          Decent? What's your thoughts on the triangular graph results? Any room for improvement?


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            Originally posted by Dab vxr View Post
            Decent? What's your thoughts on the triangular graph results? Any room for improvement?


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              Very impressive, now I want to see some flocking, 888s and boost!


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                Another update, I haven't posted one in nearly a month but I've not been sat idle. After much pattern making, thanks to my brother and Gary for help with the MDF wrestling!, mold making, then laminating I finally finished this....

                And next to the original...

                The old piece of dash in the photo complete with instrument binnacle and with all the unused holes was a hefty 4.5Kg's, the new one is just under 1.3Kg.
                The finish looks a bit odd as I'd just cleaned it up and flatted off the shine so it can go for flocking, hopefully this week.
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                  good progress, is this staying road legal?


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                    Originally posted by latza View Post
                    good progress, is this staying road legal?
                    Most definitely Yes....


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                      LMAO this car looks F$%^ing cool, new wheel though


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                        Nice progress thread
                        Red Corsa VXR Gone! # BMW 118D arrived


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                          Very interesting! Good work so far


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                            This evenings little addition. It's my second attempt at the handle, not too bad but i'm sure the next will be better, as a bonus it weighs a whopping 27grams less than the original!!

                            On the car just to check the fit..
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                              some nice progress, coming along nicely!
                              My Progress Thread :