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  • Nice mate cheap that aswell
    xbox addy -turboyoda85
    Instagram yoda_craig85


    • Only a small update.
      Block and head back from machining

      checking and adjusting the piston ring gaps

      Checking the bearing clearances

      All needs a proper clean now and then I can start to re assemble it.


      • gave the bores a good scrub then test fitted the pistons to check the deck clearance

        then fitted the rings to the pistons

        Now awaiting gaskets,seals etc so I can continue.


        • So its been while since my last update... Basically I got the bottom end mostly built up, was having a tidy up and had a small accident, I dropped the short motor, breaking the corner off the block and bending the crank!

          So I stripped the ,luckily, undamaged pistons and rods out and had to find another block and crank and have it machined and re check all the clearances.......
          I then came to the next problem, early cranks have two flats that drive the oil pump like this.

          Later ones have six flats like this,

          The later pump bodies don't have the crank sensor bracket that I need, luckily the pump rotors are interchangeable, however somebody at GM decided to change the oil seal diameter to a different, dumb, size so the pump body was dropped off for machining to take the later seal.

          I then built up the bottom end and fitted back in the car before I could damage it.

          Then lapped all the valve seats and built the head up with new springs, seats and retainers

          and dropped that back on the block

          Because the head and block have been skimmed I checked all the valve timing (forgot to take a photo with the dial gauges on) found the exhaust to be spot on but the inlet cam was advanced 4(cam) degrees so I redrilled the gear ten teeth plus 4 degrees retarded, pictured here before I timed everything up

          All back together, doesn't look any different to before.

          We've been out for a session to bed everything in, no fluid leaks so should be able to start winding the boost up at the weekend


          • Phenomenal thread/build this fair play, an absolutely crackin read

            Rotten luck with dropping the motor! Good to see it all back together and running though!


            • Cut the bonnet for extra ventilation

              need to make some guides and gurneys now to finish them off.


              • Todays progress..
                Started with some cardboard to get the shape correct I wanted for the guides and gurneys

                Cardboard patterns ready for making in aluminium

                Let the aligami begin

                Next I will polish the aluminium and use them as tools to make carbon ones.


                • Polished the aluminium and put some shuttering around the edges

                  Bagged up ready for infusing.

                  Also have bought a good selection of ratios for the gearbox and a few spare parts.

                  These will allow me to gear for speeds between 45-58 mph in first and 110-150 in sixth.


                  • Air guides straight from the tool

                    Start trimming

                    Test fit

                    Bend up some mesh to keep rocks, wildlife, small children out.

                    Hold it all in place with wire and lollipop sticks whilst the glue sets

                    And after the adhesive cured.

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                    • A small update. I needed to do something with the bulkhead closure plate where the gear selector used to go through so.
                      I removed it from the car and weighed it of course...

                      Trimmed it back to leave the flange and screwed it to a board

                      Filled and pattern coated the plate

                      Flatted and polished

                      Mould pulled and polished

                      Layed up and infused

                      Pulled from the mould

                      Trimmed and weighed, a 130g saving.

                      Steel hold down nuts

                      Replaced with aluminium, another 50g saved

                      and the plate fitted

                      Also I have been doing a little mapping but have had to order bigger injectors as I've run out of duty at 1 bar boost at 7200 rpm.


                      • Not much of an update as I haven't been able to do any proper work on the car for three months, mostly because of continuously poor weather, but I did take it out for a little mapping session the other day and tested the launch control on a slightly damp road, all went well until the launch control switched off and then it just spun the wheels.


                        • Another small update, In an attempt to get a wider range of boost control I've decided to ditch the regular BCS and actuator setup for a garrett electro-mechanical actuator usually found on VNT diesel turbos. One of the ideas been that I can force the waste gate open when launching and stop the engine effectively going into anti lag and building boost.

                          First task was to source an actuator that's PWM controlled and not can bus, turns out a 6nw008412 will do.

                          So remove the standard parts.

                          Then make a bracket the mounts the new actuator on the stock mount.

                          Fit a 2 pin plug on the actuator and earth it locally to the bracket and a ball joint on the actuator arm, this and the above bracket means I can easily swap straight back to 'normal' if I have to

                          Actuator mounted and aligned with wastegate arm

                          And a small, extremely dull, video of the wastegate under control of the ECU. Apologies for the quality but its not easy trying operate the camera whilst not burning you arm or melting the camera and changing the ecu map settings on the laptop..

                          All I need now is for lock down to ease so I can go out and map it, Knowing my luck id' get pulled by the police and I Don't think they will believe its 'neccessary travel'!


                          • Another small update.. My custom short(er) stroke crankshaft arrived today, its only taken 72 weeks!


                            • Not much done with Cecil except a bit more tweaking of launch control and my boost by gear settings...


                              • For a while now I'd been thinking about moving the engine oil radiator and ducting it and the gearbox oil rad together. The engine oil cooler wasnt causing any issue in front of the water rad and intercooler I was just after better packaging..

                                So armed with some cheap aluminium I set about it.

                                The gearbox rad sits directly behind. When I have some time I'll pull the aluminium panels off and replicate them in carbon.