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astra vxr a look a like??

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  • astra vxr a look a like??

    Do you reckon my Astra sri 1.9 150 cdti looks like a Astra vxr??
    sort of

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    sorry pal but as a VXR owner it doesn't...... But it is a gorgeous looking car, everything looks just right. I think it is as nice as the VXR in it's own way, all classy kit on there and just like the VXR will be rare with that level of styling.

    Happy motoring in it.
    Astra VXR - Power Red - Antracite 19s - Folding Mirrors - Cruise - ITG filter - Courts red hoses


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      It is a top lookin mota but not a VXR.

      V grill should be colour coded.

      Front bumper is nothing like a VXR sorry.


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        If it had vxr wheels you might have to take a second glance


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          Exhaust is also a dead give-away


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            It boils down to this - to the untrained eye, they would not know whether it was or it wasn't. To the trained eye, we know it is not., Therefore no-one will actually think it is a VXR.

            It looks lovely and I can only applaud your effoerts but there are many things missing or different, No colour coded V Grill, Front Bumper is different, no honeycomb mesh in front bumper, no chrome fog light surrounds, no Arden brake calipers, no 18 / 19 inch wheels, no rear spoiler, no Central Exhaust, No VXR rear badge etc etc etc.

            The thing that probably makes it look "sort of" VXR ish is the colour... If you put a set of 19 inchers on there it would probably pass the test. The wheels are the biggest giveaway.


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              [quote="Police_Driver"] no Arden brake calipers, no 18 / 19 inch wheels,quote]

              i dont have arden blue calipers either (they looks crap on the VXR )

              he does have 18" wheels, possibly the nicest ones vauxhall have released!

              nice car by the way but i voted NO


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                Originally posted by Aussie
                he does have 18" wheels, possibly the nicest ones vauxhall have released!
                I concur... those wheels do look nice... I just wish I could find a suitable set for my mine


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                  I thought they were 17's... still, they are on th SRi's arent they and therefore stand out a mile as you see them quite regularly. It is the wheels and snug fit with the VXR chassis that stands out on a VXR for me. The wheels on Dean's are good but not dramatic enough to look the real part. I disagree they are the nicest wheels VX have made, I think the VXR 19's and 18's are sensational.

                  Think about a BMW with M3 wheels and one with 325's that type of thing....


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                    I think the side SRI badge and rear CDTI badge don't help with illusion. Quick glance could be fooled, but if you really want to trick people you would need to remove badges, get VXR grills, spoiler and badges.

                    Apart from the question of does it look like VXR, the car is very nice. I do like all the new sport astras as I feel they have really pulled off a blinder for the entire sport hatch range.