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UFC 103 - just watched

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  • UFC 103 - just watched

    Had 103 on Sky+ and just watched it last night. WTF was the Franklin fight about??? Never ever thought a match had been fixed before watching this fight. Franklin went down without being hit, 2 pounds on his head later fight stopped, wtf!. how to bail from a fight without getting hurt.

    For me that was the most disappointing main event fight I have seen.

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    It was a disappointing fight (and main event generally) but Franklin is quality and I don't honestly think he'd go down intentionally. Sometimes fairly weak looking punches just hit the spot. Look how Forrest Griffin lost to Anderson Silva, for example. And the fight had to stop because Franklin wasn't intelligently defending himself. No choice.

    There are some bigger and better shows coming up soon anyway so hopefully we'll see a lot better next time round...fingers crossed for Manchester!