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Forza 3.

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  • Forza 3.

    Well ive just made a VXRonline Vinyl and ive put it on sale at 1,000. im pretty new to making vinyl's so if you want to have a look at then do the following .

    Go to main menu, the go down to storefront, go on that, then go to by Vinyl Group and at the bottom of search it says manual keyword. Type VXRonline. put price at 1,000. Put keyword 2 as Real world and keyword 2 as realistic.

    Cheers and tell me what you think.

    Edit: Please can an Admin move this to the right place please? i didn't realise i just posted this in Spotted lol.
    Last edited by MartyyVXR; 22 July 2010, 04:38 PM.