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Spots in Swansea

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  • Spots in Swansea

    Seen a few over the last week or so but got no number plate.

    Saw a black Corsa VXR and Blue Corsa VXR last friday at about 15:30 by the Ynysforgan roundabout. The black one went up the M4 and the Blue went up the bypass towards Pontardawe.

    Seen two Red Astra VXR's over the last 5 days near Pontardawe... one might be L17?

    Saw a Blue Corsa VXR and a Corsa VXRacing Edition going up the bypass between the Glais Roundabout and Pontardawe, yesterday at about 17:00-17:30.

    Mind you, there are only about 8 owners in Swansea who know about this place so I am expecting that only person at most will reply to this!

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    That could be me in ponty, the other red one i think my be the guy that had that white vx220, and the corsa vxr racing did it have a black bonnet? and the blue corsa vxr did have a private reg?


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      I can't remember if the blue one had a private reg, but yes the VXRacing had the black bonnet.


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        Yeah he's from ponty. used to have a red corsa sri white wheels it was quick as... lol.


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          Is he the one who lives on the top of that road they spent years repairing because it was slipping?


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            Yep that's the one. Normally goes round with a guy in a corsa artic