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Arden Astra Priv Plate + miserable g1t

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  • Arden Astra Priv Plate + miserable g1t

    This morning on Airport Way up to the M25. Drove up my ****, overtook, ignored me while I was giving a friendly wave and then ****** off on to the M25 southbound at Junction 14.

    Morning mate!

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    ive had a couple like that in the last couple of months, leaves you feeling like a proper plonker doesnt it

    I suddenly realised that not everyone in a vxr is "happy daft" like most people on here and im sure theres even some people out there that think we are all nut jobs..waving and grinning and flashing lights.

    It aint going to stop me loving every minute of it:
    Keep smiling mate....................
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