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Nurbergring Wycombe

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  • Nurbergring Wycombe

    Coming off the roundabout and up the hill in loudwater ?

    Had diamond cut 19's, ohh my the sound of it !

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    Hi Buddy that could have been me, I live in Beaconsfield. Am always in and around that area.. your more than welcome to view it sometime


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      have seen you about too mate.. car looks great.

      think yours was the first Burg i saw. Im always around Beaconsfield myself..

      quick question though... hows it run like with that Dream Science map ?


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        I think it’s a fantastic map (running DS Ultima) at the mo, with two others to choose from. The torque it provides is outstanding. Having said all this I can only give you my feedback on the unit only because I have nothing else to compare it to. But as a customer I am very satisfied.

        I believe they are in development of providing the maps with the use of the Sports button at the moment the sports button is useless unless of course your turning off the traction... can't wait for this feature to become available.

        What are you running at the moment? Do you have the Astra VXR also?


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          no not yet.. am very tempted by the 'Burg though, looks and sounds great
          currently driving a 2006 Vectra Estate... its a 1.8

          just want to drive something that will put the smile back on my face


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            Yeah probably was you fella, i was in mk4 Astra turbo pulling onto the roundabout.

            I just stopped and watched as you hit the loud pedal up the hill