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  • Wh05 Foz

    Think I seen you last weekend sometime, I was going up the A43 towards Weston favell, you was just waiting to turn in to that area near Abbey Vale? Was it you?

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    Yes mate, turning to go into my estate i thought it was you but nearly missed ya cos your car looked so stealth. I should be getting my FOZ plate put back on soon after a long fight with the DVLA soon so their wont be any confusion whether or not its me


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      I was going to flash my lights to say 'mornin' but knowing my luck it wouldnt have been you, they would have thought I was letting them go, and yet another accident along that bit of carriageway.

      I saw the incident there yesterday, someone had to be cut out of their car, bad times!!


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        yeah i caught the back end of it and saw the air ambulance that junction is dodgy, i go across it every day and surprised their ain't more incident especially when you get some **** in a long Jag try and squeeze in beside you and sticks out 3 foot either side