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Nurburgring Hastings

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  • Nurburgring Hastings

    Spotted you coming towards me threw hastings town, i flashed you!

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    Spotted at last lol. that was me mate, nice to see another burg on the road.
    Did you get your burg from St Leonards Motors in Hastings?


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      yeah mate I did I got it 2 weeks ago. Dan (dealer) told me he sold another one from there! must of been you!!!! do you live local to hastings???


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        Yep i live in hastings, did you come down to do the hastings marathon? or just out for a drive having fun
        How's the burg going any probs?


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          Im from hastings all my family live there but i live in essex with my GF i come back every weekend, I used to live cripps corner parents owned a pub there. But they live in Rye now. we should meet up one weekend?

          burgs great i dont have any problems with it ive only had it for 3 weeks!! still getting use to it lol you??


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            Hi mate. Would that be the White Hart at cripps corner as i pass it every day to & from work near Bodiam. Sounds good for a meet up.
            im still getting used to driving the burg on the damp roads & the bad roads down here


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              yeah the white hart mate, my parents owned it for years but the sold it early this year. pm me your number mate will arrange something