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  • Few spots

    i drove up from Darlington to Livingston yesterday for a party and back today and i have seen a few other VXRs on the way

    first spot was about 5pm yesterday A1 northbound just north of Newcastle, it was a white VXR, sure it was a Burg but didnt have the check decals on, had the remus though

    second spot was a black VXR i think it was just before getting to Edinbrough about 7pm

    third spot this morning was a white Corsa VXR which i let infront of me on the M8, very nice looking lass driving, was about 1pm this afternoon

    fourth spot was a silver VXR about 2.30pm on the A68, it was heading northbound, think it was just after Lauder(think thats the place)

    most i have ever seen in 24 hours apart from at meets