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Video/DVD aspect ratio

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  • Video/DVD aspect ratio

    Right i got a technical question i thought id chuck out there for people to have a think about.

    It could be nothing that i can do but heres the problem

    I have the complete 9 Seasons of the X-Files on DVD.

    Wife not seen then so we thought lets go all out and watch them, said give 1st season a go and then see if you enjoy it. Enjoyed it so started 2nd season last week.

    Now the 1st season was fine, picture was bit out of date, i am running PS3 with a 40" Samsung LCD tele. The picture only works in 4:3 so the sides are blank on the screen, takes a few mins to get used to but generally not to bad once your into it.

    Now started 2nd season last week and same aspect is 4:3 but the 1st disk was a bit jumpy, sound quality was fine and apart from the jumping its watchable, i put this down to a pooor disk but now we are on disk 2 (4 episodes a disk) its still doing the same, bare in mind season 1 didnt do this.

    Is it just my tele and DVD player combo (PS3) and the fact its old, i am pretty sure it was filmed back in 1994 but i didnt buy them till 2000+ as they wasnt all out and was the only time they got released.

    any thoughts or have i just got to put up with it, i not tried any disks from later seasons yet as its watchable but just every so often the picture jumps or skips

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    I had this problem when I had my PS3 with certain DVD's. worked fine in a proper DVD player, but once in the PS3 they were glitchy I also found Blu rays on the PS3 were not that great quality, but now I have a stand alone blu ray player the difference is quite amazing !!! The stand alone blu ray player is miles better than the PS3 blu ray qaulity. Which I was very surprised at, as for ages me and the better half have always said that the quality of blu rays aren't that good. So seems its more about the machine that plays them, than the discs themselves


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      Hmmmmmm thats a fair comment.

      I was just a bit concerned cause Season 1 didnt do it and season 2 is doing it, it will stop for 1 mins then start again, like i said its watchable so i am not 100% fussed, not going to get rid of PS3 untill it breaks then ill get a proper bluray player i think

      Never had any problem with my picture quality on my PS3 at all so thats strange, the picture is perfect ????