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Wanna improve your B-Spec?

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  • Wanna improve your B-Spec?

    Create your B-Spec driver in GT5, set that driver to share online. Let me do the rest, I will get my B-Spec drivers to race your B-Spec drivers using the Remote Racing feature.

    I am the getting the short end of the stick though, only one of my drivers can race at time, all of yours can race if if you are not the host though and your PS3 does not even need to be switched on.

    Your get credits, XP for your B-Spec and your drivers get better in the process.

    EDIT: And I forgot to say:
    • You have to add me as your PSN friend
    • You have to collect the rewards from the driver screen to level up

    If you ain't sure how to do all this, let me know.

    PSN: ProjectVRD
    Project Stormtrooper - FAIL!
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