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  • Mirrors Edge

    Got round to having a quick go on this last night........

    Complete oppostie to what i thought it was, first thing is its 1 st person view, i thort it wud of been 3rd person.

    and although at the training at the start it looked absolute ****... after 5 mins playing i am hooked.

    Its basically a street running game run over building into building but with a cartoonish feal.

    controls are a little weird at start and u can easyily forget the buttons when in a rush to get away from the cops.... Not a bad game but nothing really groundbreaking..
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    It looks interesting but the cartoonish 'look' would do my head in...still I'd like to try it...


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      Rent before u buy i would say.... or type it in to youtube to get game footage.... it defo looks like one of those games that could grow on u.

      in fact i played it last nite rite before i went to sleep and now i am looking forward to clocking off work to go complete the mission i was on
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        Ooooh, you've got me all intrigued now...I might just rent it, tell me how you get on


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          ive played a little bit of it and as said before, on first impressions i was very aprehensive
          but now i think its adictive lol