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PS3 Friends COD5 HELP !!!

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  • PS3 Friends COD5 HELP !!!

    In response to the request for user names and friends I have posted there and added the first lot of names to my friends list.

    Now then the problem is I have never used friends before as only really played solo not multiplayer before with the PS3.

    I have logged on ran the game and went to play multiplayer to pick up a random game and a few times I have been asked to join a group.

    Last night S7CON asked me to join as I was joining a random game. So I clicked ok and then nothing happened it said I logged off or something, I cant remember exact message.

    I have also then sent out friend reuqests to join a group but no response.

    Am I doing something wrong, perhaps someone can give me a step by step guide for an idiot please as i really want to play multiplayer with you.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey to be honest sometimes when people invite you in to a game which has already started its just pot luck if you get in. Better off waiting until the game has ended and inviting you in to a party and then going in to a game, i have had endless times where friends try to invite you in during a game and it never happens. Your not doing anything wrong
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      I thought it was just me who had this
      Guess not


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        Aparantly there is a problem with the invites, as i recall it's on the servers end and something to do with the ports on your router or whatever i'm sure a quick google search will reveal all.


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          yeh its usually when someone invites you when your in a game, and then they start there game you cant join cause the game has begun already, i have this problem sometime, seems that once the invite is sent it stays there untill you decline it, rather annoying as normally im in a game then when it ends i have an invite, then when i accept the game has started and i cant join
          if you wait long enough or find out when there gonna invite ou ya should have no problems,,