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Forza 2 - Astra vxr confirmed

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  • Forza 2 - Astra vxr confirmed

    Astra vxr is confirmed for Forza 2. Was going to buy the game anyways but I'm more excited now.

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    When's Forza 2 coming out?? Has been delayed a couple of times but I'd rather them take there time and release a better game than to rush out a half finished one!!


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      15/05/07 is the confirmed US date. All that has been said for UK is May. I'm guessing a release date of 18/05/07 for UK as games tend to get released on a friday here.

      Must admit looking forward to it. I doubt it will feel rushed. Its been delayed over and over again so they are hoepfully giving it a lot of polishing and tweaking.

      I'm really looking forward to the tuning aspect. In forza you can do engine transplants aswell as tuning so I'm hoping there will an option to stick the VXR 500 engine in to replace the astra vxr's 4 pot.