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  • First Person Shooters

    Looking to buy a couple of new computer games (first person shooters) and was wondering what people would recommend.

    These are to be used on my laptop so they can't need too much power, spec as follows:

    Packard Bell Easy Note
    Dual Core 1.6GHz
    128Mb Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset
    1Gig of RAM

    Games like Far Cry run with no problems but Q4 etc are very jerky even on the lowest settings obviously due to the low processor and the built in graphics.

    Any ideas, what kind of spec does HL2 need?

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    Minimum spec for HL 2 is 1.2 ghz processor, 256 Mb of Ram, Direct X level 7 graphics card and 4.5 gig of hard drive space. Hope this helps!


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      hl2 was designed to run on lower spec computers, so it could appeal to as many people.

      medal of honour games, and call of duties are brill and work fine on lappys, but dont bother with ghost recon!!!


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        Thanks people, HL2 has been ordered and now looking at Medal Of Honour and the likes


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          HL2 is fun, you have to play it quick though, you there is the next series now, split up into 3 series. Series 1 came out a while ago, and I think series 2 is out this year. Looks insane on my pc...

          Custom built
          4ghz AMD 64
          2gig RAM
          GeForce 7900 GTX

          If you like online stuff, you could try counter-strike and counter strike source.


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            Did have a half decent spec PC but it's now in the attic as we need room for our first child (due in May).

            Might have to buy a XBox 360 :?


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              You need to be looking out for new graphics engine from Crytek....

              Crytek 2 screenshots look amazing:


              and the new game using it

              tuner talk: "Just get out and drive the damn things !!!"
              The truth is out there ...


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                Moving to a bigger house next year and thinking about buying an Alienware PC which I could install in my own "study".

                Anybody got one?


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                  God finished hl2 and episode 1....

                  WATCH THE CITADEL.......

                  You must buy farcry FULLSTOP......

                  Then when you have amassed 1000 hours online and have hit world top 1000 ranking i may let you play in a german clan i play for from time to time.....

                  Register on
                  Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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                    Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2 are the absolute *BOMB* if you like WWII shooters. I was a huge Medal of Honor fan until I started playing CoD. 'Stalker-Shadows of Chernobyl' looks pretty good, too, but I heard it was still having stability issues. I'll probably pick it up when they are done patching it.


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                      I am now looking for a beta of crysis and plan to get a clan together...
                      Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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                        Went and bought an XBOX 360 so all is well again on the gaming front