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gears of war help needed

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  • gears of war help needed

    right , im on a train and theres a big ugly looking dude trying to kill me and my son ........raam i think he called !!!

    now , we have spent hrs trying to waste this t**t and we cant so come on help me out here cos my son thinks i should be able to do this!!!

    HOW DO I KILL HIM ????

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    Here's my reply to someone having the same trouble on Pistonheads around xmas

    he's protected by Kryll which fly around him so you have to disperse the Kryll to get a pop at him directly. If you have the Torquebow pop a couple at him until the Kryll disperse and then switch to Sniper rifle and get as many headshots into him before the Kryll get back to him (use the wall directly infront of you as you enter the open carriage setting as your new home for the first 2-3mins of this final sequence). If you get nailed, duck behind the wall until safe to come up and repeat the above sequence (remember Raam will move around - he basically will go from one side of the carriage to the other in space of first min or so and then slowly make his way up towards you), so by the time he's getting close to you you're no doubt bricking yourself and wondering how many times you have to hit him - lets just say standing up and unloading a few clips won't work, you have to lure him as close to the wall as possible, you can do the duck and hit fire trigger to shoot a number of rounds over the wall to give you a little bit of a chance, but when you feel he's just about to come round the end of the wall and kill you, make a run for it round the other side of the wall and down through the carriages - you're heading for the Troika next in the centre of the carriage waaaaaay down there...

    Once you get to it you've a choice, you can either try going with the Troika (which makes you very vulnerable to some popshots of the Locust variety), or hopefully you're a decent enough aim with the sniper rifle that you didn't send 15 nice shiny shells into the countryside earlier on this sequence. I normally use the Troika nest as cover, come up the stairs a little and headshots with the Sniper rifle are again the peoples choice, unload a handful or so into him and you'll be treated to the endgame sequence of Raam dying.

    Then get your butt back into the game on Hardcore setting and see that the game isn't as easy as you first thought when playing on Casual setting as everything now seems to have been on the steroids since you last encountered them, and if you really want to see how hard it gets have a pop at the insane version


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      I've managed to kill him a number of times on Insane setting on single player and co-op prior to him even getting to the wall - it's all about hitting your active reloads every time and making the most of every bullet with a headshot

      If you want a hand with him and have xbox live hooked up give me a holler and I'll gladly lend a spare sniper rifle on co-op

      360 username is drunkastradude - for once I'm on a forum where people may actually understand the reasoning for my 360 name


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        ROFL - like that name mate


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          cheers for that guys , sorry for long delay in responding !!

          had a nightmare sorting new computer and broadband out wen old stuff went **** up


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            ive killed the fooker


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              Congrats :wink: