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Remus Turbo Back System

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  • Remus Turbo Back System

    I pulled the plug on this last night as an administrator shut down my post and told me to put it in here. Anyhow, I have calmed down and this is the offer :-

    This is a chance to purchase a turbo back Remus full exhaust system for H VXR. We need 10 buyers and then we can get an order placed.

    The exhaust will be supplied by Walkinshaw and the cost will be £1295.00.

    I want and need to get this rolling this week and if I don't get the interest needed I personally will need to move on. This is a unique opportunity to buy one of these new and if you want one then grab it with both hands.

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    Hi - just to be clear for anyone interested will they be paying X amount deposit to Walkinshaw to get the order processed or is it going to be full payment to Walkinshaw and once the 10th payment goes through then they get made?

    I'd suggest the deposit method is the easiest as it then guarantees their interest in it so they can get built, otherwise you could have 9 people with £1295 down waiting for number 10 to order etc



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      As soon as I have 10 confirmed interested I will need to contact the guy at Walkinshaw and let him know. I would imagine he would want the full payment so that people don't back out, but have not confirmed that at this stage. Walkinshaw have to commit to 20 exhausts which is the minimum order and doubt he'll want to order and then people not going through with it. The deal with him is, get 10 people who genuinely want to buy and he will put in the order for 20 systems.


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        This has had 59 views but no interest. If it generates no interest by end of the day I will end it. It will be a fantastic opportunity missed.


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          I think you will struggle which is a shame as it's arguably one of the best system out there but unfortunately people are swallowed in by the whole you must have a 3 inch system which is rubbish and 1295 is mega dosh for a system. Also bear in mind the traffic on the site is a lot lower these days. You might have to resort to Facebook groups to push the group buy to get the numbers but most want everything cheap these days and the fact you can get a 3 inch from the likes of Piper and Cobra for sub 1k people are going to go down that route instead likely 😞

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            Originally posted by Nobb1euk View Post
            This has had 59 views but no interest. If it generates no interest by end of the day I will end it. It will be a fantastic opportunity missed.
            You'll need to give it longer - remember every time you look at it also generates a view.



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              plus not everyone comes on every day
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                Tbh long gone of the days of a busy "group buy" thread.

                As previous said, traffic on the site has slowed right down, due to the explode of various social media platforms.

                Good luck anyways!
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                  Yes that was my fear !!..really don't think this is going anywhere which is a huge shame


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                    Originally posted by Nobb1euk View Post
                    Yes that was my fear !!..really don't think this is going anywhere which is a huge shame
                    Times change, people move on!
                    Opel Nürburgring Edition No.534 / IG - ItzMrGoodKat


                    • #11
                      Yep and I think I should move on too


                      • #12
                        The group but price is the same as what they charge for that exhaust, I was looking before Christmas for a Remus so they weren’t giving any discount on it. It was £1295 back then still is now and that’s what they offered the group but price at