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Valet PRO Artemis Car Wax Seal For Sale

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  • Valet PRO Artemis Car Wax Seal For Sale

    I have a new pot of the above sale, I am looking for £13 delivered, PP gift please.
    Durability: 9
    Depth of shine: 8 Gets deeper with extra layers.
    Shine: 7 Glass finish?Ease of use: 5 No prep / 7 Basic prep
    Cut: 0 Non abrasive

    See an Independent Review of this products here:

    Our Artemis Wax Seal produces a glass-like and very clear finish. It has been designed for the perfectionists out there, and whether you're a professional detailer or an enthusiast, this wax shows amazing results whilst still having a low price.
    Durability is superb and the wax will last between 3 and 6 months (see 'In Depth'). Just one 100 ml tub is enough to wax up to 30 cars.

    In depth
    This is an exceptionally good car wax and is designed to outperform any competitively priced waxes costing much more.
    This wax is aimed at the perfectionist who wants the best for their car or for their customers cars. Durability of the product ranges from 3 to 6 months depending on how the car is prepped and looked after. Cars finished with Artemis Wax Seal stay cleaner longer due to the level of protection, ensuring general dirt, bird droppings etc have difficulty adhering to its surface.
    If this wax is maintained by washing with Poseidon's Carnauba Wash (car shampoo), it will last much longer. One 100ml tub is enough to wax 30 average size cars, making this exceptionally good value for money.
    Application requires a soft sponge applicator and you only need to spread a thin layer. It is better to apply multiple thin layers than one thick layer. Our Artemis Wax Seal can be applied directly over a properly washed car but to get the best finish and performance it is best to further prepare the paint surface.
    Why is washing not enough though? Because over time tree sap, tar and road grime get bonded to the paint surface. This is why after washing a car the paintwork can still feel rough even though it looks perfectly clean. The contaminates that bond to the paint surface break up the wax coverage and interfere with the paintwork's natural reflection.??There are two options for preparing the paint surface.

    Quick option
    Apply our Citrus Tar and Glue Remover over lower seals with a soft sponge and watch as tar spots appear and start dissolving, then re-apply the Citrus Tar and Glue Remover and wipe the excess away using a microfibre cloth. After this clean the paintwork further by using our Citrus Bling neat. Citrus Bling cleans and gives a deeper shine to the paintwork.
    This option is a much faster way of preparing the paint surface but is not going to give perfect results. However the results will still be exceptional.??

    Best practice
    Basic option above but using Citrus Bling diluted to 1:16 and a clay bar, remove the rest of the contaminates. Then to deep clean the paintwork and remove and hide paintwork imperfections, use our Achilles Prep product, preferably applied by a DA or Rotary (low speed).
    This process will ensure you get the maximum life out of Artemis Wax Seal, giving incredible endurance and depth

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      Anyone for a top quality wax


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        Flame Red Astra VXR


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          Meet me half way and deal, £17.95 new + postage.


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            Still for sale


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              £10 including postage


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