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Eibach springs

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  • Eibach springs

    I have a set of Eibach springs which I took of my Burg about 6 months ago for DAP-R's. Car had done approx 25k km when I took them off.

    I think these are the sportline version with a nose down stance, they were bought from 888 (VXRpc) by the previous owner.

    Also have a standard top hat only no pipe work available at minute as a mate may want them.

    Havent cleaned them up as yet.....

    top hat

    springs - £80 + postage

    top hat - £50 + postage

    Will need to get approx costs for postage as I am in Ireland (southern), guessing DHL will be 15-20 euro to uk.
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    Just out of interest why the change of springs mate?

    Poor ride or just being a sheep, and following suit with the daps are better comments??

    I'm still in two minds of which to go for is all


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      shame there not the pros i would have snatch them off you


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        I changed after I was taken for a spin in a OPC with them fitted, they feel better for everyday use, not as firm, better stance and the car feels more composed/balanced to me.

        I especially dont like the nose down look.
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          Might be coming over to UK soon, so could meet up or drop to anyone that maybe interested in springs. Will be most likely be driving from Pembroke to Droitwich.
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            have you got any pics of them on the car?


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              I havent got any proper side on shots of car. Best I got are these

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