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    Teng Tools offers a range of more than 2,200 products. Toolshack offer both large and small quantity demands with fast service, competitive prices and specified quality.
    The Teng Tools range now includes tool storage, work benches, socket sets, sockets and accessories, torque wrenches, spanners, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and a comprehensive range of specialist automotive and general service tools.
    Now is the time for you to join the international Gang of Teng and take full advantage of all that Toolshack can offer. If you are a professional tool user or a DIY enthusiast then the choice is easy - Teng Tools.

    Limit is a range of over 500 high quality measuring products originally developed for the manufacturing and engineering industry in Scandinavia. The Limit range is a complete programme that includes callipers, micrometers, depth gauges, height gauges, dial indicators, thickness gauges, steel rules, squares, protractors, v blocks, surface plates, gauge blocks, engineers levels, scribes and marking equipment together with a range of electronic measuring instruments.
    Limit as a comprehensive concept is the total solution with everything from the most elementary to the most advanced measuring equipment within the engineering industry.

    The Race symbol is the Chinese character for human or humanity. In air tools it is a guarantee of efficiency and quality. It confirms that Race machines are designed with man in mind with features such as ergonomic design and toughness. Advantages such as rubber grips, swivelling air inlets and reduced vibration are what we call "Human Race". And all this at a very reasonable and human price.