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Dri-U-Kwik -Save upto 20% with Juicy

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  • Dri-U-Kwik -Save upto 20% with Juicy

    Save upto 20% with Juicy

    Quality Microfibres from Dri-U-Kwik
    There are many types of Microfibre cloths in the market place today with dri-U-Kwik offering high quality products to meet the wide range of perceptions at competitive prices.


    RRP £1.32 per cloth - Juicy Price only £1.19 per cloth

    DUK020 – Window Cloth, also ideal for LCD, Chrome, Mirrors, Wood & Plastic
    This cloth has a suede type smooth surface, depending upon each users perception has excellent properties for windows. With LCD screens becoming more popular within a car such as GPS systems it is an ideal companion for those difficult cleaning requirements. A really nice cloth!.
    Cloth size: 40x40cms


    RRP £1.32 per cloth - Juicy Price only £1.19 per cloth

    DUK050 – General purpose Buffing/Cleaning
    This is one of those cloths that can be used for many types of cleaning requirements, it is one of the nicest of its type in the market using a higher than normal gsm level. It has been described as an ‘ideal glass cloth’ by a well known detailer whereby ‘there is nothing as good at cleaning glass as these bad boys, they don’t shed lint ( like cheap microfibers do ) and the pile is nice and short so you get a nice streak free finish’.
    Cloth size: 40x40 and 60x60cms


    RRP £8.99 per cloth - Juicy Price only £7.99 per cloth

    DUK-173 – Sandwich Type Drying Cloth
    New technology type of drying cloth which is very different to the current types in the market today whereby the water is ‘wicked’ into the centre of the construction keeping the surface of the cloth generally dry/damp. It actually works best when slightly damp to enable the water to be ‘wicked’ off the vehicle and has been described as ‘its absorbance is far more than anything else that has been tried’. The smaller 40x40cms DUK172 can easily be wrung out enabling the drying to be better handled saving time over the larger type reducing streaks effortlessly. Those that have tried the smaller version use it for many operations especially as a ‘replacement’ for the chamois leathers and at a more competitive price. If you have a glass shower screen at home you will be amazed how good it is on the surface of the screen.!
    Cloth size:90x60cms


    RRP £5.00 per cloth - Juicy Price only £3.99 per cloth

    DUK200 – Super Plush Buffing Cloth
    This cloth has been described as being one of the plushest and softest cloths available, for those that need the ultimate plush product.
    Cloth sizes: 40x40 cms


    RRP £5.75 per cloth - Juicy Price only £4.75 per cloth

    DUK220 – Dense Plush Buffing Cloth
    For those really discerning people who want to spoil their pride and joy, is this the softest cloth anywhere available today?, we think so!. A luxurious dense plush cloth described by many as the ideal ‘comfort blanket’, this really is a high quality microfibre therefore do not let your other half get her hands on it otherwise you will never see it again!. – buy her one, she will love you forever!.
    Cloth sizes: 40x40 cms


    RRP £3.41 per cloth - Juicy Price only £2.99 per cloth

    DUK230 – Large Loop Tricot Cloth
    This is an exciting new cloth that has been described as the ‘best post buffing cloth’ by a major industrial manufacturer who require the best finish possible on their multi-million pound vessels!. They even supply this cloth as part of their after-care kit, ideal for removing polishes and abrasives.
    Cloth sizes: 40x40cms

    Please pm me or email me on

    [email protected]

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    May be purchasing a few items once ive worked out budget for rest of the month
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