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Polaroid one600 classic instant camera

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  • Polaroid one600 classic instant camera

    I have in my hands a number of Brand new Polaroid One600 classic instant camera gift packs.
    These are now becoming a rare and collectable camera due to not being available to buy from polaroid any longer.
    The one600 takes excellent instant pics and everythings included in the box ie limited edition(silver border) film (x10) and manuals etc.
    The one 600 film can be brought online at various eshops,just google.
    You can beat using these camera's for fun snaps and memorable occassions and always gets peoples heads turning when these babies come out!

    testfreaks review:

    Cheapest place to buy ive founf online is amazon at £39 + delivery and not including film!

    Im looking for £30 inc p&p

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    these were the last instant camera's made by polaroid and are future collectors items